November 7, 2009

some things that make me happy

too tired for a real post. but here’s some things that make me smile.

-at the end of astronomy today, our professor said, “you know who I’ve been missing?” and the whole auditorium practically shouted, “Carl Sagan!” Then our professor put on this video:

“The cosmos is also within us; we are made of starstuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.” Happy Carl Sagan Day, everyone! (no kidding. look it up)

-and with a dash of belated Halloween spirit, here’s a video someone showed me with the “best scenes” from the remake of the Wicker Man. thank you, random friend of a friend, because now I don’t have to sit through what must have been a painful hour and a half. but this stuff is just great taken on it’s own. Nicolas Cage punches so many girls in this movie.

October 4, 2009

Carl Sagan Sings

This is how my astronomy professor ended our Friday class. I was smiling euphorically for the rest of the day.

September 25, 2009

G20 and Local Foods

Well, lots of Oberlin students went to protest the G20 summit and encountered tons of riot police with armor and batons and smoke bombs and stuff. Apparently some protesters were asshats and broke the windows to a Bostin Market. But most seemed to be pretty non-violent non-destructive. (According to the news, since I was not there myself.) But this kid?

Yeah, he’s from Oberlin. His name’s Kalan that outfit is nothing out of the ordinary for him. Apparently he was dancing on this street to attract media attention and distract the police while the rest of the protesters sneaked down the street behind them. I’d totally say well done, except that I kind of have issues with the kid and his complete lack of basic respect for other people which is strangely hidden behind a facade of this kind of alternative/unique way of thinking that you would conclude meant that he was good-hearted and considerate but surprisingly not so. Anyway, barring that stuff, this is still pretty awesome. You can read the article about it here.

Anyway, as for me I am now coordinating the Local Foods Fest here in Oberlin, which I was not planning on doing but it turns out that no one else was doing it and that just CAN’T happen. So I am in charge, bitches, and it will be grand. The Local Foods Fest is this thing where we bring in all the local farms (and dairies and this one awesome apiary) we can to sell at the town green (Tappan Square) and have local campus and area groups there like the composters and recyclers and raw foods exco and Farmers for Justice and City Fresh (which is this amazing program that brings in farm fresh food to intercity Cleveland and also sponsors reclaiming abandoned parking lots and turning them into community food gardens) and have live music all day and a coop cook-off and activities like face-painting for the kids. And this year I was able to book Tappan for Halloween since it’s on a Saturday so we might add a costume contest and stuff! Yay!!!

It’s TGIF right now and there is music being dj’ed in Wilder Bowl and a bunch of students milling around and driking interspersed with community memebers with their kids, which is kind of a weird combo. On the way back here I just petted this one-eyed dog being led around by a little girl. She told me it’s name was Ginger and I said it was a sweet dog to which she responded “sometimes students [mumble] scratch,” or at least that’s what I think she said, and then went on to add what sounded like, “and sometimes they cry.” I asked her why and she said “mmm-hmmm.”  Mmm-hmmm indeed, little girl. Mmm-hmmm indeed.

September 13, 2009

Supernatural ramblings

On a quick side note to this weekend – Supernatural started its new season. I am looking forward to it, even though I am not as into it as I was at the end of last season (which is probably a healthy thing). And the creators just love to give us fanservice! Example: because of a development last season where it turns out there is a Prophet (Chuck) who has been seeing visions of everything the two main characters have done all their lives and wrote them into a fantasy  novel series not knowing they were real, there has been the addition of two fangirl characters that have popped up. They go on and on about how manly but sensitive/emotional (in a repressed way) Sam and Dean are, and the one in this latest episode was even writing sexy fanfiction about the brothers when they introduced her. And then said that she is the maintainer of a site called “more than brothers” dot com. And when she met the boys, she kept petting Sam’s chest and saying how amazing he was in this blissful lip-biting kind of way. Eventually he says, “Can you stop touching me?” to which she promptly replies “no.” These authors really know their audience. Also, Castiel is back (kind of from the dead) and a lot more kick-ass than last season. He shows up just in time to rescue the boys from an angel who used to be able to pwn him but is now scared of him. He’s as shabby and gruff-voiced as ever, and purely delicious.

Oh, one more anecdote about fangirls in general: The guy who plays Dean told a story in an interview about how he was walking down the street in London when a fangirl came running up and jumped on him, with her legs around him and everything. He didn’t realize what was happening, or that this was a fan, and instinctively elbowed her in the throat. He feels bad about it, but I still think it’s hilarious.

September 13, 2009

Carl Sagan increases my joy in life

Taking Astronomy 100 for my diversity in science requirement was the best choice I could’ve made. Our professor loves to use the interactive graphics that come with our textbook, which make absorbing this stuff much easier, even when it seems simple. Also, his hero is Carl Sagan, who he never actually had as a professor, but whose classes he would constantly sneak into. He keeps showing us clips from Sagan’s Cosmos series, which is the most watched PBS series ever. Even though Sagan can be kind of cheesy in his script, his awe and love of the universe just bleed through the screen and seep through your eyeballs straight to your brain. I mean, he honestly picked up a gigantic dandelion seed and told the audience to use their imagination to pretend that it was a spaceship in which we were going to travel into the cosmos, and then let it go into the breeze. And in the very next scene he was inside a dandelion-seed spaceship whose console deck looked like a spare room from the 1980s-style tardis. Carl Sagan: astronomer, astrochemist, author, popularizer of astronomy, astrophysics and other natural sciences, promoter of SETI, turtleneck-lover, and all-around delightful experience. Our professor definitely emulates him, and tries to make everything we do actually fun. When we were doing this really boring attempt to register one of the electronic tools we use in class, he played “astronomy music” in the background. One time it was this really tacky electronic “space-scape” style piece. The next time it was They Might Be Giants song “Why Does the Sun Shine?”.

In other news, I have come down with an awful case of allergies/cold/all-around-suck this weekend. I seriously went through an entire box of tissues just last night. So I’m going to spend today curled up with a never-ending supply of tea and my readings on Marxism and the history of labor. Yummy.

I leave you with this:

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September 7, 2009

Torchwood ruined my weekend.

Why do all of my “fun” TV breaks just end up depressing me? I was so sure that they couldn’t kill off any more characters on Torchwood, and then they went and killed off my favorite one. Full blown dies-in-his-lover’s-arms-and-finally-says-that-he-loves-him death and his boss/boyfriend doesn’t even say it back! I watched the entire next episode going, “OK, they’re going to bring him back to life… now! OK… now! Annnddd…. Now! OK…. Now!” But they didn’t and now I’m all moody and have to go read about political theory, but all I’m really thinking about are aliens that get high off of human children and immortal space/time travelers and how he was killed by a stupid super-virus and didn’t even get to go out guns-blazing and how much I want to punch the show’s creator in the face right now.

In other news, my politics courses are kind of fun and I get to learn about the shortcomings of Democracy and Labor Rights from two British professors. One of whom I already embarrased myself in front of by asking her where her accent was from. Because I thought it would be fun to try and learn the different area British dialects (ie, London vs southern vs northern or whatever) and then when she asked me what I meant I just stared at her blankly. And my brain was saying “just tell her you know she’s British and you wanted to know which part of the country she’s from” and this louder part of my brain was just saying, “What if she’s not British?! What if you’re just completely wrong, and you’ll  look like an ignorant ass, or pompous ass, or just an ass?!” So instead I just stood there, more like a mute ass, and later asked my friend if she thought the professor would recognize me if I dyed my hair. Looks like I won’t be talking much in that course, anyway.

Stupid brain.

Stupid Torchwood.

August 2, 2009

I can’t get over Kate Bush

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July 30, 2009

Kittens and Procrastination

It’s like making new years resolutions when you’re hot and tired. I don’t know why I even bother making “summer goals”. I need to figure out a different goal/deadline system. Shorter? Longer? This week I will… keep track of what I eat. And clean the house before my parents return.
Although, in my defense, kittens are very distracting. And I now have 4!
Sherlock (Holmes) – From Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous series.  Inquisitive and a bit more cautious than the rest. But turned out not to be quite as smart as we thought. His nick name is turning out to be ‘no shit.’
Alice – From Lewis Carroll’s classic, of course. Loves to play and explore but also loves to curl up under your chin and be petted. Sweet but clumsy.
Finn (Phineas Fogg) – From Jule’s Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days.” Needed to be named after an adventurer, because he is all over the place. Will scale your legs if you turn your back. More difficult to calm down.
Harriet (Smith) – From Jane Austen’s “Emma.” Or, alternatively, the female form of JK’s Harry. The smallest. She’ll play as hard as the others, but she also is content to just curl up and watch. Sweet but not as outgoing.

Everyone is welcome to come visit them and socialize them. As far as I can tell, they’ve stopped peeing on things (that was mainly Alice). They still sometimes think the mirror is a portal to another room, and go running straight into it. They also still claw the hell out of anything they can, including your pants, shirts, brastraps, hair, face, fingers, and any and all furniture. I haven’t tried to train them not to. When they get adopted their owners are going to wonder why they know how to climb window screens and sharpen their claws on door mats. But there are worse things, right? I mean, Alice is peeing in the extra litter box now (though I don’t know why she decided she needs different ones for pee and poop. la-di-da.) I will have to get them to stop trying to suckle soon. Though I’m not sure how. If you get them comfy and they start settling down, they’ll start sucking on your ear or nose or lip or eyebrow or finger or whatever they think may produce milk. Then they’ll start pitifully mewling when it doesn’t work. They are really too old for that. But I don’t know what to do.  It’s so sad when they nod off curled up on you and then wake up a bit and start meowing like that. I just stare at them going, “But I don’t have anything for you” and feeling like a bad mom.

July 18, 2009

Pattinson better not ruin my fangirling

Yeah, that’s right, I am an absolute fangirl. For both Salvadore Dali and Federico Garcia Lorca. And if Pattinson’s sparkly ass ruins Little Ashes for me I will have to personally find him and punch him in is stupid scruffy face. Honestly, I was beyond excited for this film. Two of the greatest minds of the Surrealist movement in art and literature whose works I love, plus homosexual tension, equals a very happy me. (Ok, I have no idea how to punctuate that sentence.) Therefore, I am hoping that since I haven’t seen any of his other movies, I will be untainted by teenybopper-fantasy Pattinson, and just be able to enjoy the film. 

It’s been pretty hit or miss for the other two kick-ass historical figures I fawn over. I wanted to like Alexander the Great SO MUCH. And I did, for a while. Then I gave in to the critics and common sense I had to stop defending it. (And besides, not even a kiss between Alexander and Hephastion? Come on! Rhys Meyers said that if he had been cast, he would have played it with more ‘passion’. So close.) Wilde, on the other hand, was great. Go Stephen Fry ! And the amazing courtroom scene that reads like it must have been scripted a bit too perfectly just to make a good climactic speech for the film? Yeah, that’s transcript of the actual case. [1] [2] [3]  Proof that Wilde consisted of such a high percentage wit that it just seeped out into everything else around him.

So I am still crossing my fingers for Little Ashes. Hope springs eternal right? Kind of like vampires.


I shall leave you with An Ode To Every Indie Movie

July 14, 2009

New Tricks

I’m trying to learn them. The productive kind, not the sex-trade kind. So far, utter failure. So I thought that maybe reporting to the internet would give me some sort of accountability in that regard. Even if it is only derived from seeing my failures staring back at me in all their pixelated glory. That alone should get my rear in gear, right?

I’ve been trying to lose some weight over the summer so I won’t be Ms Fatpants Mcgee when I return to campus. That’s been going nowhere fast. Just as I was trying to get on the right track I wandered right off it with a)my oral surgery knocking me on my ass for a week and then b)a week of parties and treats for my birthday quickly followed by my mother’s birthday. And then this last week, with all the yummy cookies and other leftovers floating around, I haven’t really recovered. The three pounds lost have likely come back with some friends. I’m going to have to sneak pastries into my sister’s bags so they won’t be in the house anymore. Because I certainly don’t have the willpower to resist when I’m bored off my ass and stuck in the house.

Mum is leaving on Friday to go white water rafting with Dad and friends in Alaska for two weeks, so I will have the house to myself soon. This is a good thing in terms of my stocking the kitchen with only healty HEALTHY foods that I can eat and not be tempted to shove down my gullet when the clock strikes 10pm, which is apparently the witching hour for my night-time munchies. This is also good in terms of me not feeling like every move I make is being judged by her, whether or not that paranoia is accurate. Now, while she is gone and I am the only one around the house to judge me, I will attempt to: go to bed early and get up early to do yoga (provided by the Spanish language PBS station), go to the gym M-F, take my fucking pills every morning, volunteer at the city animal shelter twice a week, make my room livable and somewhere I actually want to be, cut down on my portion sizes at meals, and get out of the house as soon as possible every day. Projects to keep me busy are: making Mum a cross-stitch to hang in her freshly-painted sewing room since I didn’t really get her a tangeable birthday present, clean the entire house because it is a disorganized muddle (shhhh, don’t tell her, it’s a surprise), yardwork yardwork yardwork, read Pride and Prejudice followed by Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and don’t spend all day bored and alone in the stupid house. That last one may seem like the easiest, but it is a lot harder than it would seem. Oh, and teach myself how to use Linux on my new computer without taking forever to do anything. Which means, coffee shops for internet access every day. Hooray!

Next post to look forward to: my opinionated opinions on new movies I want to see, old movies I want to see, and historical figures I am a fangirl for that have had movies about them released in my lifetime. Damn I’m interesting, aren’t I?